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New moon
New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

The first New Moon of 2022 is in Capricorn and it’s the perfect time to set your goals and Intentions for this coming year

Capricorn is the workhorse of the Zodiac so if you have dreams in business, want a new position at work or are thinking of switching careers, this energy is great for setting things in motion
Venus is retro too so this is a good time to re-evaluate your relationships

Before you write down the things you want to manifest, visualise them happening
Place yourself deeply in the vision. Imagine, the sounds and smells and how it would actually feel to be in that space of living your dreams
You should notice your vibration change and feel lighter
Sit in that space for a few minutes (or longer) to align your thoughts & heart with your wants
Once you have fully envisioned your desires come true, put pen to paper
If you can, place you list with a Selenite under your pillow until the full moon

Journal Prompts
How can I refocus my energy to better serve me?
Which relationships are holding me back & which are supporting my growth?
What exactly do I want to accomplish or experience in life?
What daily habits are keeping me stuck in place?

I compassionately release the pain of the past
I am grounded & aligned with my hearts desires
I am inspired to create new goals for myself
I am motivated to lay down the foundation for 2022

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