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Crystals are as old as the Earth
Having taken millions of years to form, it’s no wonder Humans have been fascinated with them and their amazing healing properties through the ages
Their beauty is breath-taking and many cultures have adorned themselves in the brightest and biggest pieces

Tutankhamun death mask with  lapis lazuli (the eye surrounds and eyebrows), quartz (the eyes), obsidian (the pupils), carnelian, amazonite, turquoise, and faience

The stones you will find here are sourced and hand wrapped with love and can aid you in releasing unwanted emotions, boost physical and mental wellbeing and bring forth positive changes BUT not without action
It is important you understand that wearing a piece of jewellery is not going to make your life instantly better
It can help ease anxiety, having a crystal with you but to get the full benefits, you must research, cleanse and work with your crystal

I am always happy to have a chat and answer questions but if you are hoping to change an aspect of your life, I expect you to have began the process of seeking knowledge for yourself and not replying on one source of information
A lot of people come to me ,stating they are new to crystals and their spiritual journey is just beginning and its very humbling that you trust me to guide, but that is all I am… someone to point you in the right direction
It is up to you to take those first scary steps into your heart and really be honest with yourself about what needs to change and be released

It’s a brave thing, looking into the mirror of your soul and sometimes it starts with a shiny rock

Sidenote; if you’re here just for the pretty jewellery, feel no shame and purchase away!

C x

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