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Full Moon
Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

The Snow moon, is the last full moon of winter
It signifies the renewal of energy and the always welcome Spring
Its heavy with fertility

Let this full moon show you what truly inspires you and that your needs are just as important, if not more, than other peoples needs

The Moon is in Leo which stirs the inner child, expressive playful
It activates the Solar Plexus- that helps you to step into your power

This full moon could very will be what sets a series of significant events into motion & present you with a major decision that needs to be made. Although you have options, it may feel like every choice comes with its own caveats

The Full moon may bring a simmering conflict to a boiling point and you may find your ego in control if you get into any conflict. Be ware of yourself and the way you communicate

Look inside your heart, because you already know what move you’re ready to make next. For now, all you need to do be brave enough to take action. And remember — if you leap, the universe will always be there to catch you
This steadying, yet stimulating energy will re-install your hunger for life, reminding you of all the abundance at your fingertips. Partake in all the pleasure that makes it worthwhile.

Its powerful time for inspiration and creation

gearing up for the most powerful manifestation date of the decade 22.2.22

Before you write down the things you want to release, visualise life without those burdens
Be honest with yourself and don’t be scared of the emotions it stirs. If you feel to cry, do it! Leo is a Fire sign, Those tears won’t last long with this heat
Write a letter of forgiveness, no pressure to send. Its just to release the hurt

Journal Prompts

How can I use my creativity and talents to benefit the wider community?
What are the things that make my heart come to life, how do I shine?
What dreams did I have to put on hold because of life?
Who are the people that need my forgiveness & do I need to forgive myself?


I release and clear any pent up energies that are radiating through my body as I release, I open the door to abundant opportunities

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