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Full Moon
Full Moon In Cancer

Full Moon In Cancer

The first full moon of 2022!

Cancer is at home in the full moon but lets be real, its emotional
You may feel connected to love ones on a spiritual and intuitive level, if so, tell them
Old patterns and habits can spring up, along with deeply rooted feelings and they may be amplified
You will know it’s time to release them..be kind to yourself but don’t be afraid. This is all for your higher good
Its a beautiful time to communicate but do so with grace

Before you write down the things you want to release, visualise life without those burdens
Be honest with yourself and don’t be scared of the emotions it stirs. If you feel to cry, do it! Cancer is a water sign so what better way to cleanse than with some salty H2O

Journal Prompts
Have I built my emotional foundations on the right beliefs?
Is it time for some fundamental shifts?
What support do I need to let go of all patterns?
How am I honouring and loving my inner child?

I am ready to release old habits
My inner child needs me and I her/him/them
I am stepping forward with grace and love
I give space to my emotions

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