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New moon
New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

A New Moon to usher in a new month
This time in Aquarius
Its rebellious, transformative, expressive and if used correctly ; uplifting and innovating
Its time to claim your personal freedom and turn those dreams into reality
Action is needed though if you are ready for change
Aquarius is confident about what it wants and you must be too
Ideas will be flowing so write them down
Their time, if not now, will come

Mercury is still dancing backwards so be mindful of draining conversations and interactions

Before you write down the things you want to manifest, visualise them happening
Place yourself deeply in the vision. Imagine, the sounds and smells and how it would actually feel to be in that space of living your dreams
You should notice your vibration change and feel lighter
Sit in that space for a few minutes (or longer) to align your thoughts & heart with your wants
Once you have fully envisioned your desires come true, put pen to paper
If you can, place you list with a Selenite under your pillow until the full moon

Journal Prompts
How and where do I need to shake up or be more dynamic with my friendships, colleagues and social circles?
Which ideas will actually better my life and which are for ‘clout’
What limitations are holding me back?
What fears do I have related to living my best life?

I am in alignment with who I want to be
I let go of negative energy and mindsets that have been holding me back
I am attracting everything I need to bring my vision to reality
I am confident in my ability to achieve my goals

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