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Healing Session – Explained

An Energy Session usually follows the same steps, but is always tailored to each individual.
It is important to remember, while I am here to guide you, the healing process is something that requires you to take action to have a real impact on life.
You can have a million Chakra cleanses but if you don’t make conscious changes to your mindset & lifestyle, your vibration will lower again

So when you first enter, you’ll notice the smell
Its usually a combination of Incense, Frankincense and Sage
They all cleanse, both the space and Us and help create a calming atmosphere

You’ll be asked to take a seat and given a pen and paper
This is to write your release list
Its important to be honest with yourself, your heart and the universe know the truth
I don’t look at this paper so no judgement

We’ll decide whether you want a guided, singing bowl or a binaural beat meditation playing during the healing
Its entirely up to you but if you need help making a decision, I’ll put something on depending on your level of mediation practise

Once your ready you’ll lay down on the table, put on headphones, an eye mask and I’ll cover you in a blanket
A little sensory deprivation

I’ll press play and the mediation will start
I’ll read your Aura and find which Chakras have blockages
Using Crystals, Sage and my Pendulum, Spirit will guide me to move the stagnant energy

You may feel me placing crystals on and around you or you may not
While the healing is taking place, If you want to speak you can.
And if at any point you want to stop, We will

Once the meditation finishes, We’ll talk
About how the healing was for you and Chakra by Chakra, what I found
I call this the Acknowledgement chat
Again, No Judgement, so air those thoughts and feelings out

You’ll get up, stretch and be given some moon water to drink
I’ll explain how to ground yourself as a healing can leave you feeling quite spaced out

You’ll also be given a bay leaf
This is for you to take home, write on and burn along with your release list
Cuz bun the badmind!
Burning the things you want to release is a beautiful way for you to honour your higher self
Its a physical way to let go of all that no longer serves you

And boooom
You’re done

I’ll message you a few days later, with the suggestions I made during the Acknowledgement chat
for you to, hopefully, implement them in your day to day life

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