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LeftLion Column

LeftLion Column

my first

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook (why??) you probably haven’t seen me spamming about my column in the Nottingham LeftLion magazine.
Its a lil piece of my experience and knowledge of all things Spiritual and I am stupendously proud of it
Its a chance for me to connect and educate people who may not have come across that kind of information.
Each month, I’ll give my take on a topic of interest and a positive affirmation

I am so honoured to be able to share my thoughts, feelings and facts and I really hope you guys enjoy it

Issue 140 pg31 Introduction
Issue 141 pg39 Explanation of spirituality
Issue 142 pg34 Festive Abundance

Do go and check out the whole magazine, LeftLion is an amazing publication about the city that is Notts!
If you have any feedback or suggestions on a subject, get at me duck

Cover illustration by Fiona Carr

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