Assist in foretelling the future

Connects the Sacral and Third-Eye Chakra for emotional balance

Used to balance the Heart Chakra

Encourages one to accept their psychic powers

Influences one to find a balance between heart and mind

Enhances intuition and inner-sight

Brings success of love

Wear during the full moon to be filled with passion

Can reunite lost lovers

Helps one discern what they want and what they need

Inspires one to connect with their spirit-guides

Opens the gateway to the subconscious (but, only those who are ready)

Helps one to understand how to be happy

Helps men connect with their feminine side

Use in meditation to get insight and clarity about oneself

Fills one with joyful vibrations that flow throughout the Aura

Helps one to recognize their destiny

Keep it in the Auric Field to experience more synchronizations

Opens one up to new possibilities for manifesting what they desire to emerge into reality

Place under the pillow for a more peaceful sleep

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Associated Chakras: Third eye, solar plexus

Zodiac: Cancer, libra, Scorpio

Elements: Water

Common Origin: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India