Dalmatian Jasper


Cleanses and purifies the Auric Field
Encourages us to find peace between the higher aspects of our soul and the lower aspects of our personality
Suck up any negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy
Dalmatian Stone will open the Root, Sacral and Earth Star Chakras
Breaks down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself (removes sub-conscious guards)
Helps one to view their own strengths and weaknesses
Allows one to move forward in life and discover their true purpose
Keeps the wearer grounded to the Earth
Helps one to let go of guilt
It will inspire faith and devotion towards others
Helps one to avoid nightmares for a good nights sleep
Brings a childlike joy for a sense of playfulness into life
Helps protect a person from experiencing depression
Fantastic for telepathic communication with animals
Alert the wearer when danger is near
Combats exhaustion and fatigue
Hold in hand to deepen meditative states
Brings one to contemplate the duality of life

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Colours: yellow, brown, cream, black, white. Can be dyed red, green, blue

Associated Chakra: solar plexus, root


Element: Earth

Common Origin: Mexico


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